First event shout out

Our inaugural event took place last Thursday in Rutland, and boy was it hot! We had great support from local organizations such as the  Chickahominy District Supervisor, Angela Kelly-Wiecek,  the Atlee Station YMCA, Hanover County Sheriff’s Department, Bike Walk RVA, and of course the neighborhood of Rutland. Kona Ice was on hand to keep everyone cool as well. Check our Facebook page for photos from the event.

…And they’re off!

Bike Walk Hanover evolved from the graduates of Sports Backer’s first Bike Walk RVA Academy in Hanover. Bike Walk RVA is a program of Sports Backers that advocates for comfortable and connected places to bike and walk for people of all ages and abilities.  In 2012, Sports Backers created Bike Walk RVA to advocate for the growth of the Richmond region’s infrastructure and to and help normalize biking and walking throughout the region. Programs were held in Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond. In March 2017, the first academy was held in Hanover. Graduates of the Hanover academy come from all areas of the county and from a variety of professional and recreation backgrounds.