Petition for Active Living Opps in Hanover

Help us create a safer, inclusive, connected community, and support active lifestyles across Hanover. Bike Walk Hanover is circulating this petition to show our county’s Board of Supervisors that active living is of interest to our community, and it needs to be included in the revised Comprehensive Plan.

As part of the Comprehensive Plan update process, a survey was conducted to gain community feedback about walking and biking infrastructure in Hanover County. An overwhelming 83% of respondents said they wanted to walk, run, or bike more than they currently did. The top five reasons people found it difficult to be active in Hanover, however, were unsafe road, lack of biking infrastructure, volume of traffic, lack of connected routes, and lack of places to go.

Why is the proposed Active & Healthy Living chapter important?

Based on the Bike Walk Hanover Survey results, a new Active & Healthy Living chapter is proposed to be added to the Comprehensive Plan. The chapter’s purpose is to ensure Hanover’s communities are planned and designed to promote active living that encourages physical activity and exercise, strengthen social interaction, improve air and water quality, and improve access to healthy foods.

Use your voice to support this chapter in our revised Comp Plan. Our Board of Supervisors will be voting on these additions. There are several BOS members that do .not think these additions are needed.What is the Comprehensive Plan?

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Hanover’s Comprehensive Plan for 2012-2032 is a long-term guide for growth and development within the County. Past growth and land development trends are analyzed to estimate the County’s future needs. This analysis is used to outline goals, objectives, and projections of the County’s needs for the next 20 years.

The plan is reviewed for updates every 5 years. It was last updated in 2012, and is currently being reviewed for updates in 2017.

Designing communities for active and healthy living means safer ways for people to share the roadways, connect throughout the County, and get to places they want to go.

Sign the petition here:


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